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Best Minecraft Servers

With the new year rolling around I started up my on and off obsession again … yeah I’m talking about Minecraft. While looking through the usual suspects of servers I used to play on, I got to talking with a few friends, we used to play together with. Most of them are still playing on a single server, but they’re looking to expand to others, get the feel for it as it were. So I’ve decided to put together a Minecraft server list, of potential Minecraft servers I think other players should know about.


Madstone is not the biggest server around, but it more than makes up for it by being welcoming and friendly to newer players while also offering more than their fair share of different game modes like Skyblock challenges, Factions gameplay where you can team up to compete with other people and even the most basic of game modes, the survival which I’m pretty sure if you’ve ever played Minecraft before you’re more than familiar with.


ExtremeCraft on the other hand is one of the largest Minecraft servers. It pretty much has it all, any game mode you can think of, they’ve got it. They run weakly Skyblock challenge contests, they do parkour and anarchy realms, there are a few prison realms they even do the pixelmon realm which is usually a server all on its on. Their staff is helpful and friendly and are more than willing to help you through any technical problems you might have, even if they’re not strictly on their side.


ManaCube is sort of my honorable mention, because while the other two servers are pretty much Minecraft servers in all ways while also offering other game modes in addition, ManaCube is pretty much a parkour only server. You shouldn’t blame them for that since they do this game mode more than justice. They’re pretty much the biggest repository of Minecraft parkour courses online and they’ve fostered a budding community around their favorite game mode and server. They also run weakly events and tournaments with prizes, which is also one of the draws of the server.

These are the servers I’d recommend everyone who wants a fun experience in Minecraft to at least give a chance and try them out. However if you don’t find the server that’s going to work for you on this list, I can also refer you to this Minecraft server list, which contains plenty of different servers and I’m sure you can find one that’s just right for you.

Jehovah Witness Zombies?

Ok, so recently on Reditt by the name of Cosmic_Troll came up with the totally hilarious idea of making a texture pack to make zombies look like Jehovah witnesses. Why would he want to do that? Well, because zombies knock on doors… and so do Jehovah witnesses. Now, this idea was pretty funny, and it was good enough to spark a huge conversation about other things that zombies might be turned into considering they knock down doors now.

The second thing to be suggested is to make zombies look like girl scouts who are selling cookies. Aw, how cute… the creator of this idea wanted this because girl scouts always knock on his doors, but in real life he can not kill them with a diamond sword. Not so cute…

This started people talking about boy scouts. At this point in the conversation, the original idea of changing zombie skins has almost completely dissipated. It all happened when someone said that boy scouts sell popcorn to people. Someone disagreed, some others agreed, and then every boy scout who has ever lived logged onto Reditt to testify that boy scouts do in fact sell popcorn in some places in the country. It was quite a heartwarming reunion. Even more, someone decided to join boy scouts because of how fun people made it seem; unfortunately, this person is forever alone because he is too old to join boy scouts.

Zombies Can Break Doors!

In a recent twitter update, Jeb announced that “zombies will be able to break doors”. Does this bit of news terrify you? It should. Just imagine it: while your building another random hallway in your castle, there will be a zombie rampaging around breaking doors behind you, just because it can. Were creepers and endermen not enough to keep us busy with maintaining our buildings? Apparently not. Either way, zombies breaking doors are happening, and it’s actually a pretty cool idea.

The whole ‘you have to work to maintain your creations’ is a really good lesson to teach people. A lot of the problems we are facing in the world today stem from the fact that the baby boomer generation (may they burn in a pit of hell fire) didn’t think it was important to maintain our infrastructure. Just look at America, it’s falling apart! Well, not anymore – not after a generation of little kids play a game that teaches them to meticulously maintain their creations.

It should be noted that zombies will only be able to break doors on the hard difficulty and the hardcore difficulty, so if you are too scared about the fact that zombies can break your doors, you can always be a wimp and turn the difficulty down.

Notch Funds Psychonauts 2!

These days there are few announcements in the gaming world that really get us excited. Everything is so predictable: yay, the next yearly first person shooter is about to be released, or, yay, the next yearly football simulation is going to come out soon. Yeah, this is an extremely boring pattern, because these games really are not all that good. To make matters worse, these games have started working with soda and snack companies to create games that reward us for binging on horrible junk food. What’s up with that?

Anyway, on the the AWESOME news that we are building up to. There is a little game that was released in 2005 called Psychonauts. The game was an extremely imaginative and unique premise is praised for its compelling characters intelligent story writing and a theme of humor. Well, they never made a sequel because the creator, Tim Schafer, could never find someone to back up his project. The price tag was a million dollars. What a shame. But now they are, thanks to Notch!

Notch recently tweeted “Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.” and after that tweeted “I’m serious”. It looks like notch is using his new found millions of dollars to shake up the gaming industry.

A Free Unoffical Mobile Minecraft App

Anyone who is addicted to Minecraft, or anyone who just flat out can’t get enough of Minecraft, today we have some good news for you! And independent development firm, Developer Robots and Pencils, have decided to make an iOD version of the Minecraft free for a brief period of time. unofficial

The app is called World Explorer and it allows the player to create and explore worlds that have been created in Minecraft on their smart phones. This is basically a third party mobile Minecraft, so it is not officially sanctioned by Mojang. But hey, it’s free! And you can import your worlds from Minecraft onto your phone and explore and build upon them on the go. Will we be able to export the maps back onto the computer? Who knows.

In other news, Mojang is still working on the official mobile version of Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket edition for iOS and Android. This version of Minecraft will offer a totally mobile-based edition of Minecraft, which is not related to the PC version of anyway. In fact, Daniel Kaplan, the business developer of the game, said that they do not want to make a direct copy of the PC game; they want this game to be unique on its own.

Weekly Update Snapshot Released

So, for a while now Jens has been releasing weekly Minecraft snapshots on his twitter account. These snapshots include hints to everything that the Mojang team has been working on during the week. The newest snapshot that is available to download is 12W04A. This might seem like crazy code, but all it means is that it is the fourth week of 2012.

Anyway, this snapshot follows last weeks snapshot (obviously) that included conformation of a brand new creature that has been added to the jumble biome. The newest image to be released, Jens has teased the community with the first image of the new jungle mob that is tameable. And no, it’s not the chicken. We think it’s those little things hiding behind the grass. They kind of look like cats, which we have all seen pictures of recently so it make sense. It kind of makes more sense though, to add monkeys to the biome, does it not?

There are not the only things that have been added upon in the last week. Jens and Jon (the AI guy) have also been working on adding new items, fixing small little bugs, and updating the language files. Some other things that have been added are a flaming items, New AI behaviors for skeletons, and other minor bug fixes and changes. What new things will be featured in next weeks snapshot? Only time will tell!

Jungle Minecraft

The new jungle biome that was announced earlier this week has everybody thinking a bit more primitively. No one can get their hands on the jungle biome yet, but that does not mean that we can not imbue ourselves with the spirit of the jungle in ways that will transport us to what we might imagine is the jungle biome. I am talking about Minecraft creations that are jungle related. Specifically, I am talking about building huge jungle-like monuments to the creators of Minecraft.

Recently YouTube has been flooded with a new video that shows us that someone who did just this thing. This video is about a creation that features a giant sculpture of Jeb that has been crafted into a cliff. The video starts out at the entrance of the temple. To get inside, the character must throw a gold block into a water shrine. Doing this will open up a complex series of pistons that turns into a hallway. The hallway leads out to the shrine. Once here, there is a fifty-fifty chance that the Jeb statue will puke a hundred pigs, which will subsequently drop a hundred piece of pork onto your head. If the Jeb statue does not do this, then he will shoot water out of his nose and you will be thrown into a lake of lava.

Someone Said a Bad Word

IN recent news about Minecraft, it was recently discovered that a translator who actually ended up being a troll, somehow managed to submit a racial slur into the main menu of Minecraft. As you all know, the normal menu screen that gives the option to play single player just says “single player”. But thanks to some unimagined troll who decided to use an opportunity for a good joke to take it somewhere unnecessarily nasty, the button temporally said “You are a N*****

Jens Bergensten, who has recently been promoted the head developer of Minecraft, apologized on about the incident by blaming some “prankster” who is obscured by a legion of volunteer translators who have been working on the game. Jens Tweeted “Sorry about that =( I thought I had banned that user.”

Obviously, this translation is no longer in the game. In fact, the forum thread that had pointed out this offensive message has also been taken offline.

There are two interesting things that we can learn from all of this. The first is that there is very little oversight from Mojang on the translation of new languages into the game. The second is that trolling can be fun, but one should never take it to the realm of the nasty.

What is a Minecraft server?

We all play games in our free time to remove all the stress and tension of life. Playing games provide us decent fun, which is always wanted by our body and brain to work again in life. Offices where we all work to get all the decent money to run our life, always bring lots of discomfort to our body by sitting so much and also hitting our mental health, so it is better to play some games which can help us to get some decent refreshment which is always wanted by us. The game-like Minecraft is an excellent choice to play on mobile, especially in free time. If you love to make all the wordily things, then the game must suit your likings of making things in the game.

In this game, you can make anything to amuse yourself, which means you can construct the house, make the vehicle of your design, and so on in the game. This is quite a fun-loving game, and you need to use your brain to make all the unique items in the game. 

The game is also available for multiplayer gaming, in which you can add tons of servers in the game. Many gamers of the world want to play the game along with their family members and friends who can give all the thrill and adventure of playing the same at a single time. This type of gaming always provides a decent activity, which is still suitable for competitions in life. Below I will show you some points which may help you to make the perfect server for the game like Minecraft.

  • The developers of the game beautifully design the game, and they also try to give all the best of gaming experience by providing features like multiplayer gaming in the game. For to play the game in a multiplayer mode, you can do many things like adding some server in the game, which is always wanted by the game to provide you multiplayer gaming experience in the mobile or the computers.
  • For to add servers in the game you need to find some reliable sources which will not affect your computer and mobile performance, their so many hackers exist in this world who always seeking a chance to enter your networks to malfunction all the program of the game and the other essential features of the equipment and mobile also. So it is highly necessary to use only those servers in the game which has all the assurance of providing the safe gaming in the game. Add only those person whom you personally only. Don’t ever allow the unknown people in multiplayer gaming mode, which can cause severe damage to computers and mobile phones.

Finally I can say that all the words given above is sufficient to provide you ample help in making the secure servers for the multiplayer gaming experience for Minecraft game. Just follow all the tips and basics given in the article to start secure playing in the Minecraft game. 

Minecraft Thor Hammer?

I thought the trident in Minecraft is very similar to mjölnir aka Thor’s hammer so I started searching for resource packs replacing the trident with Thor’s hammer. I wasn’t able to find one so I thought that I might as well do it myself, so I created a 3D model of Thor’s hammer and replace the trident with it and it worked pretty good except two things:

1. Your player doesn’t actually hold it by the handle, so if you go in F5 it looks weird.

2. Once you actually throw it it turns back into the trident model, so when it’s stuck in a wall for example, Thor’s hammer isn’t in the wall it’s the trident.

I also added storm breaker into it, I just replaced the diamond axe with it. Just looking for some help. I’ll see if I can share the link to the download if you want it but I’m not exactly sure how.