Jungle Minecraft

The new jungle biome that was announced earlier this week has everybody thinking a bit more primitively. No one can get their hands on the jungle biome yet, but that does not mean that we can not imbue ourselves with the spirit of the jungle in ways that will transport us to what we might imagine is the jungle biome. I am talking about Minecraft creations that are jungle related. Specifically, I am talking about building huge jungle-like monuments to the creators of Minecraft.

Recently YouTube has been flooded with a new video that shows us that someone who did just this thing. This video is about a creation that features a giant sculpture of Jeb that has been crafted into a cliff. The video starts out at the entrance of the temple. To get inside, the character must throw a gold block into a water shrine. Doing this will open up a complex series of pistons that turns into a hallway. The hallway leads out to the shrine. Once here, there is a fifty-fifty chance that the Jeb statue will puke a hundred pigs, which will subsequently drop a hundred piece of pork onto your head. If the Jeb statue does not do this, then he will shoot water out of his nose and you will be thrown into a lake of lava.