Weekly Update Snapshot Released

So, for a while now Jens has been releasing weekly Minecraft snapshots on his twitter account. These snapshots include hints to everything that the Mojang team has been working on during the week. The newest snapshot that is available to download is 12W04A. This might seem like crazy code, but all it means is that it is the fourth week of 2012.

Anyway, this snapshot follows last weeks snapshot (obviously) that included conformation of a brand new creature that has been added to the jumble biome. The newest image to be released, Jens has teased the community with the first image of the new jungle mob that is tameable. And no, it’s not the chicken. We think it’s those little things hiding behind the grass. They kind of look like cats, which we have all seen pictures of recently so it make sense. It kind of makes more sense though, to add monkeys to the biome, does it not?

There are not the only things that have been added upon in the last week. Jens and Jon (the AI guy) have also been working on adding new items, fixing small little bugs, and updating the language files. Some other things that have been added are a flaming items, New AI behaviors for skeletons, and other minor bug fixes and changes. What new things will be featured in next weeks snapshot? Only time will tell!