A Free Unoffical Mobile Minecraft App

Anyone who is addicted to Minecraft, or anyone who just flat out can’t get enough of Minecraft, today we have some good news for you! And independent development firm, Developer Robots and Pencils, have decided to make an iOD version of the Minecraft free for a brief period of time. unofficial

The app is called World Explorer and it allows the player to create and explore worlds that have been created in Minecraft on their smart phones. This is basically a third party mobile Minecraft, so it is not officially sanctioned by Mojang. But hey, it’s free! And you can import your worlds from Minecraft onto your phone and explore and build upon them on the go. Will we be able to export the maps back onto the computer? Who knows.

In other news, Mojang is still working on the official mobile version of Minecraft, Minecraft: Pocket edition for iOS and Android. This version of Minecraft will offer a totally mobile-based edition of Minecraft, which is not related to the PC version of anyway. In fact, Daniel Kaplan, the business developer of the game, said that they do not want to make a direct copy of the PC game; they want this game to be unique on its own.