Zombies Can Break Doors!

In a recent twitter update, Jeb announced that “zombies will be able to break doors”. Does this bit of news terrify you? It should. Just imagine it: while your building another random hallway in your castle, there will be a zombie rampaging around breaking doors behind you, just because it can. Were creepers and endermen not enough to keep us busy with maintaining our buildings? Apparently not. Either way, zombies breaking doors are happening, and it’s actually a pretty cool idea.

The whole ‘you have to work to maintain your creations’ is a really good lesson to teach people. A lot of the problems we are facing in the world today stem from the fact that the baby boomer generation (may they burn in a pit of hell fire) didn’t think it was important to maintain our infrastructure. Just look at America, it’s falling apart! Well, not anymore – not after a generation of little kids play a game that teaches them to meticulously maintain their creations.

It should be noted that zombies will only be able to break doors on the hard difficulty and the hardcore difficulty, so if you are too scared about the fact that zombies can break your doors, you can always be a wimp and turn the difficulty down.