Jehovah Witness Zombies?

Ok, so recently on Reditt by the name of Cosmic_Troll came up with the totally hilarious idea of making a texture pack to make zombies look like Jehovah witnesses. Why would he want to do that? Well, because zombies knock on doors… and so do Jehovah witnesses. Now, this idea was pretty funny, and it was good enough to spark a huge conversation about other things that zombies might be turned into considering they knock down doors now.

The second thing to be suggested is to make zombies look like girl scouts who are selling cookies. Aw, how cute… the creator of this idea wanted this because girl scouts always knock on his doors, but in real life he can not kill them with a diamond sword. Not so cute…

This started people talking about boy scouts. At this point in the conversation, the original idea of changing zombie skins has almost completely dissipated. It all happened when someone said that boy scouts sell popcorn to people. Someone disagreed, some others agreed, and then every boy scout who has ever lived logged onto Reditt to testify that boy scouts do in fact sell popcorn in some places in the country. It was quite a heartwarming reunion. Even more, someone decided to join boy scouts because of how fun people made it seem; unfortunately, this person is forever alone because he is too old to join boy scouts.