Packing Cube Alternatives

Packing folders: Packing folders are very rigid, which makes them good for things like business shirts and slacks. They are worth a try depending on your travel needs. I had purchased one years ago before my first backpacking trip, but when it came time to pack up and go, I left it behind.

Compression bags: These bags can reduce the space your stuff takes up by compressing the contents. They are great for things like puffy jackets and bulky clothing items. At HPL we compared four different brands of compression sacks so you can choose the right one.

Shoe bags: Shoe sized bags that protect your clothing from the soles of your shoes. Some people use them for laptop and camera cables and chargers instead. They’re also good for undergarments.

Zipper pouches: I tend to use an extremely lightweight zipper pouch for socks and underwear, and I also pack a 2nd one to store my dirty clothes.