Notch Funds Psychonauts 2!

These days there are few announcements in the gaming world that really get us excited. Everything is so predictable: yay, the next yearly first person shooter is about to be released, or, yay, the next yearly football simulation is going to come out soon. Yeah, this is an extremely boring pattern, because these games really are not all that good. To make matters worse, these games have started working with soda and snack companies to create games that reward us for binging on horrible junk food. What’s up with that?

Anyway, on the the AWESOME news that we are building up to. There is a little game that was released in 2005 called Psychonauts. The game was an extremely imaginative and unique premise is praised for its compelling characters intelligent story writing and a theme of humor. Well, they never made a sequel because the creator, Tim Schafer, could never find someone to back up his project. The price tag was a million dollars. What a shame. But now they are, thanks to Notch!

Notch recently tweeted “Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen.” and after that tweeted “I’m serious”. It looks like notch is using his new found millions of dollars to shake up the gaming industry.