Author: cubepack

Jehovah Witness Zombies?

Ok, so recently on Reditt by the name of Cosmic_Troll came up with the totally hilarious idea of making a texture pack to make zombies look like Jehovah witnesses. Why would he want to do that? Well, because zombies knock on doors… and so do Jehovah witnesses. Now, this idea was pretty funny, and it […]

Zombies Can Break Doors!

In a recent twitter update, Jeb announced that “zombies will be able to break doors”. Does this bit of news terrify you? It should. Just imagine it: while your building another random hallway in your castle, there will be a zombie rampaging around breaking doors behind you, just because it can. Were creepers and endermen […]

Notch Funds Psychonauts 2!

These days there are few announcements in the gaming world that really get us excited. Everything is so predictable: yay, the next yearly first person shooter is about to be released, or, yay, the next yearly football simulation is going to come out soon. Yeah, this is an extremely boring pattern, because these games really […]

A Free Unoffical Mobile Minecraft App

Anyone who is addicted to Minecraft, or anyone who just flat out can’t get enough of Minecraft, today we have some good news for you! And independent development firm, Developer Robots and Pencils, have decided to make an iOD version of the Minecraft free for a brief period of time. unofficial The app is called […]

Weekly Update Snapshot Released

So, for a while now Jens has been releasing weekly Minecraft snapshots on his twitter account. These snapshots include hints to everything that the Mojang team has been working on during the week. The newest snapshot that is available to download is 12W04A. This might seem like crazy code, but all it means is that […]

Jungle Minecraft

The new jungle biome that was announced earlier this week has everybody thinking a bit more primitively. No one can get their hands on the jungle biome yet, but that does not mean that we can not imbue ourselves with the spirit of the jungle in ways that will transport us to what we might […]

Someone Said a Bad Word

IN recent news about Minecraft, it was recently discovered that a translator who actually ended up being a troll, somehow managed to submit a racial slur into the main menu of Minecraft. As you all know, the normal menu screen that gives the option to play single player just says “single player”. But thanks to […]

Minecraft Thor Hammer?

I thought the trident in Minecraft is very similar to mjölnir aka Thor’s hammer so I started searching for resource packs replacing the trident with Thor’s hammer. I wasn’t able to find one so I thought that I might as well do it myself, so I created a 3D model of Thor’s hammer and replace […]