Minecraft Thor Hammer?

11. 18. 2022

Minecraft Thor Hammer?

I thought the trident in Minecraft is very similar to mjölnir aka Thor's hammer so I started searching for resource packs replacing the trident with Thor's hammer. I wasn't able to find one so I thought that I might as well do it myself, so I created a 3D model of Thor's hammer and replace the trident with it and it worked pretty good except two things:

1. Your player doesn't actually hold it by the handle, so if you go in F5 it looks weird.

2. Once you actually throw it it turns back into the trident model, so when it's stuck in a wall for example, Thor's hammer isn't in the wall it's the trident.

I also added storm breaker into it, I just replaced the diamond axe with it. Just looking for some help. I'll see if I can share the link to the download if you want it but I'm not exactly sure how.